Dead by Daylight: What to do if you can’t invite your friend to your lobby in Nintendo Switch

Dead by Daylight

Notice: This article was translated from Japanese to English manually. We apologize for the images being in Japanese. Feel free tp leave a comment for any help.

Dead by Daylight was released on Nintendo Switch on September 24th, 2019. Unfortunately, there are several recognized bugs occurring inside the game and the system.

Examples of recognized bugs

  • Cannot play and invite friends
  • Language uses non-alphabet letters are garbled
  • Huntress Axes are one shot without add-ons
  • Characters stands during skill check
  • Survivor and Killer ranks gets reset after closing the game
  • Cannot struggle

This article will be about avoiding one of the bugs, “cannot play and invite friends“.

How to play with your friends

First, select play as survivors. You cannot play with your friend as a killer.

On the next screen, press the + button to invite from your friend list.

And the bug occurs here.

Avoiding bugs for sure

When the bug occurs, you will see this error message saying “You can not stay in the party” or ”You are inviting player from the block list”, even though you obviously haven’t blocked our friends.

To avoid this bug completely…

1. Delete anyone from your block list. Meaning, make the block list completely empty.

2. When you invite your friend again, it should work now

This bug seems to occur when there is someone in your block list, even if you haven’t block anyone you are trying to invite. Some of you might feel uncomfortable to delete your block list, but this is the only certain way to avoid from it.

Avoiding bugs without deleting the block list

Try restarting your Nintendo Switch

Restarting your Nintendo Switch can change your situation. If you have enormous number of blocked players, it might be faster.

Getting invitation instead of inviting someone

Instead of inviting your friends by yourself, try inviting each other may work. Or one with less block lists can empty it, as I mentioned above.

Conceivable reasons to this bug

Probably, this bug occurs when there is an error distinguishing irregular characters other than alphabet. It has relevance between the bug of garbled characters.

I hope you can “Exit” from the bugs…

Thanks for reading!